Monday, February 4, 2013

Pajama Day!

Today I finally got my own schedule! I knew a lot more people at school today because of the wresting match and my first day on Friday. This morning I got to pick all the classes I wanted to take and then I started my day with Spanish class. All the classes were pretty normal except for Human Geography. Today Mr. Stjern wasn't there so we watched a movie about food processing. Everyone in my class was very grossed out and sad because we had to watch little chicks being thrown around and animals being tortured by factory workers. We learned about how meat has been causing lots of deaths because some of the packaged meat that people buy has E. coli in it. I then had art where I got to start a project where I got to pick a scene that I wanted to draw and then I colored it with pastels and pressed it on to a black piece of paper. I picked a scene on a beach where the sun was just rising and there were palm trees everywhere. I loved having my own schedule today and I am actually feeling a lot more comfortable walking around by myself and trying to find my classes. Oh and the reason why this post is called pajama day is because this week is spirit week and today everyone got to wear pajamas to school today! Tomorrow is neon day. I keep meeting new people everyday and I love it! Here is my schedule below if y'all are interested! I've also decided I want to start saying y'all because that's what everyone says down south!

Homeroom with Ms. Girgan
1st period- Spanish II
2nd period- Geometry
3rd period- Study Hall
4th period- Honors Physics
5th period- English
6th period- AP Human Geography
7th period- General Art


  1. Sounds like so much fun!! WOW- honors Physics??? HELLOOOOO Ms. Einstein!!

  2. I'm not Ms. Einstein! It's actually pretty hard and I'm with a bunch of juniors.

  3. After seeing the animal videos, did it make you consider being a vegetarian? would me :(
    And it is cool to be in a hard class - good for you for trying it out!! :)