Friday, February 1, 2013

First Day of School!

Today was my first day at Pinewood Preparatory School. I woke up at 6:30am and got ready to go to school and then Lily Mandell drove us both to school in a golf cart. Since the Mandell's live on campus it is not a far compute at all! Lily took me to my homeroom teacher Ms. Girgan, who is also in charge of the Network of Complementary Schools at Pinewood. I was going to be shadowing two girls in 9th grade named Katie and Lola. I met them both in homeroom and then I was off to my first class with Katie, Geometry. The unit they were learning was special triangles which I already learned at GFS. The class was a lot different then our Geometry class at home. After that, we went to honors English where they were reading a short play called "No Exit". We then had break where we went to the cafeteria to get a snack. After that I switched shadows and went with Lola to Geometry again but I decided to check out honors Geometry so that I wouldn't have to sit through the same class all over again. They were talking about some unit that I had not learned yet so I just listened in the back quietly. Then I went to Spanish class which was quite entertaining. I got to show off some of my Spanish skills from GFS. Then we went to history class where they were preparing for a test. I took some notes and then we watched a short clip. It was finally lunch time and the food was average and then I sat with some other freshman. Then I went to CP English with Lola and we read a little bit of "No Exit" again. Then it was study hall. I went to get my panther pass and my picture taken. I also went to pick out classes I wanted to take for the next two weeks that I wanted to take during my stay. I'm going to find out my schedule on Monday! I'm having a great time and tonight we went to Les Miserables with one of Lily's friends, Dana and then another freshman named Sophie. We had a great time and now I can't wait to meet more people and try lots of new things! Tomorrow the Mandell's are taking me to the boys wrestling match because they got to state so it should be pretty exciting!

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  1. Busy first day!! The golf cart sounds really fun :)