Saturday, February 9, 2013

Downtown Charleston

Yesterday was a regular school day. At 7th period we had a pep rally where there were a few games and an obstacle course that we got to watch some student play in. The big pep rally was for us to get ready for the big basketball game that night against Northwood. It was such an exciting game and both the girls and boys won! It was so exciting and the Pinewood student area was so crazy and fun because we were very enthusiastic about spirit and cheering on the team.

Today Mrs. Mandell and Lily took me to downtown Charleston. It was amazing!!!! The town is so cute and I loved seeing all of the historical building and houses. We mostly went shopping, but on our way from store to store the Mandell's told me all about what Charleston has and I learned a lot about the history and architecture. Here are some pictures from my day in Charleston!

Oink! This is in a restaurant called Nicks Bar-B-Q

This is a large market that used to be a place where slaves were sold.

This is a view of the Charleston water

The United States Custom House

A mansion located right on the water of charleston

Nick's amazing Bar-B-Q

Some pretty palmetto trees downtown

Battery Park 

Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row

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