Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Day

     Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I have had a pretty normal week. I've just been going to class and then hanging out with Lily and her friends after school. We usually just go out to eat and then shop around. Last night and the night before Mrs. Mandell, Lily and I went to the YMCA to go to a zumba class.

     Today I went to school wearing a normal outfit because no one really dressed up wacky that day. I had a normal school day with normal classes. I got back my geometry and spanish tests and I got a 94% on both of my tests. The rest of my classes were casual and then in human geography we watched a movie called "King Corn". Since my dad grew up on a farm and I've gotten to work in a corn field before, I knew exactly what they were talking about in the movie. We got to eat popcorn while we were watching because the movie was about two men starting a small plot of corn in Iowa. The movie was quite interesting and then I went to my regular classes.

    Mrs. Mandell and I are about to leave to go the YMCA again to work out and run. Tomorrow is Pinewood Preparatory spirit day so that means everyone will be wearing Pinewood shirts and hats and other articles of clothing. Tomorrow there will also be a pep rally for a big basketball game happening tomorrow. And they are also going to crown Ms. Panther tomorrow night which will be pretty exciting.

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  1. Did you tell the class you went rogue-ing this past summer?? I bet they would have been pretty impressed since you are a "city-girl." :)