Friday, February 15, 2013


Goodbye Pinewood! Goodbye Charleston! Goodbye South Carolina! I can't believe yesterday was my last day at school. I've had such a great time and it was a great experience that I will never forget. I met so many new people and I experienced so many Southern things. I'm really going to miss all my new friends from Pinewood and all the great teachers and classes. It was so generous of the Mandell's to let me stay with them and take me to many classic Southern places.

Now I am in Charleston and it has been amazing! I love all the history and architecture and the shopping too! My mom and brother Gus picked me up from Summerville yesterday and today we walked around downtown Charleston and we even went to Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began! I can't believe I'm already going back home to Philadelphia tomorrow and going back to my school on Wednesday. Maybe I will go on a Network exchange next year to a whole new state and school!

Friends in Spanish class.

Spanish class.

Friends in art class.

Saying goodbye to a few friends in the hallway after school.

The Mandell's house.

Horse and carriage ride in Charleston.

Charleston Harbor.

Sailboat on Charleston Harbor.

First flag flown over Fort Sumter.

Fort Sumter view.

Fort Sumter cannon.

Flags in Fort Sumter.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dress Day

     Today was dress up day which happens every Wednesday. Each person has to dress up, so the girls usually wear a skirt, dress or dress pants and the boys have to wear a dress shirt, tie and dress pants. It was fun to get a little dressed up and to see everyone else in their more fancy attire. So today we went to homeroom and instead of having first period, all the freshman had to go meet in the cafeteria. We had a meetin about GPA's, grades, college and other academic related topics. I've noticed that Pinewood focuses on college right when you get into high school. I know that it's important to start talking about it but it's different then my school because they are called a college prep school. After the meeting we went to our normal classes. In Human Geography we had a competition so we split up into two teams and Mr. Stjern asked us questions about our agriculture unit. Our team won in the end so it was pretty exciting!

     At 7th period we had an assembly so I didn't get to have art that day. The assembly was an awards ceremony. They talked about clubs, they had people preform musical acts (including Lily who sang a duet from a musical) and they even talked about the Network of Complementary Schools. Ms. Girgan got up to the microphone and started talking about the Network of Complementary Schools exchange program. After she explained a little she started asking questions. Her first one was, "Please stand if you are a Network Student" and so I stood up all by myself and lots of people clapped and cheered. I had no idea she was going to do that so it was quite a surprise. Then she asked if people had been a Network exchange student in the past or if you have hosted a network exchange student and she asked a few more questions like that.

    School ended and Lily and I met up along with her friend Dana. We drove the golf cart back to her house and hung out for a little bit. At 4:45 we met up with their friend Olivia and we all went to a place called Seasons of Japan for an early dinner. It was really good and we all got teriyaki chicken. Then we all went to CVS to get valentines day candy. We all went our separate ways and then later around 6:30, Lily and I went to Piggly Wiggly which is a grocery store. I had spot it on my way into Summerville and I just loved the name so we went in to look around and I ended up buying a Piggly Wiggly shirt. Then we did a little clothing shopping and headed home.

    I can't believe tomorrow is my last day at Pinewood! It seemed like this trip was way to short and I'm really going to miss it here and the people here too. I really enjoyed coming to Pinewood and experiencing a whole new school with all different people. It was a great experience and I can't believe it's ending so soon!

Golf cart ride on our way home back from school with Lily (left) and Dana (right).

The Piggly Wiggly grocery store.

The japanese restaurant that we went to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It's Tuesday and it was pouring again so Lily and I had to drive to school in the golf cart in the rain. Again, it wasn't very fun, but it is a pretty short ride from their house to school! Today was a normal day at school and I know I say that about everyday but it really was. In Spanish we took a vocab quiz. In Geometry we worked on geometric means. In Study Hall I did my school work. In physics they went over a test while I did my school work because I won't be taking the test. In English we didn't really do anything. The class was working on their essays and since I didn't read the book on what they were writing about, the teacher let me listen to music on my ipod. Lunch was not very good today but it was a girls birthday so everyone at our table got to have cake! In Human Geography we talked about cows and we went through the text book about more agriculture and tomorrow the class is dividing into two teams and we all have to quiz each other about things in our agriculture chapter. In art I finished my project, so I just worked on my homework sketch. That's a normal day to me! Also, after school before I went home, Ms. Girgan took me to the school shop and let me pick out a shirt for me to take home. All the Network Exchange students get to pick out a free shirt.

When Lily and I got home we were both craving a dessert so we decided to make chocolate cupcakes. They were delicious and I'm really going to miss hanging out with her and everyone at school. I can't believe I only have two more days left of school! These two weeks went by so quickly and I wish I could stay a little bit longer.

Monday, February 11, 2013


This morning it was pouring and Lily and I had to drive the golf cart to school. Lets just say it was a wet and long drive to school this morning. Today was pretty normal at school. Except there was a blood drive going on in Freedom hall (the cafeteria), so we had to eat lunch in smaller classrooms instead of in the lunchroom. 

In art today I finished my project of the scene of palm trees on a beach. I think it looked pretty good if I do say so myself and I hope I can take it home! I can't believe I only have three more days of school left. I really don't want to leave because I've been having a great time here and it went by way too fast. I'm also excited about seeing my family and friends back home in Philadelphia but I'm definitely going to miss it here! 

So after school Lily, Dana and I went to Zaxby's. Zaxby's is similar to chick-fil-a because they serve natural chicken sandwiches and other chicken but they add a southern twist on it by serving chicken wings as well. After our weirdly large snack at 4:00 the three of us went to target to find candy for Lily's cousins for valentines day but we eyed the clothes and had to try a few articles on. I love hanging out with Lily and Dana because they are so nice and welcoming and although they are both juniors they still want to hang out with me. Plus they both drive so the three of us usually go out to eat or shop or just hang out! It's really fun. Here's a random picture of Zaxby's and the second picture is a sign in the restaurant that I thought was appropriate for me to take a picture of because that's my home state! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Downtown Charleston

Yesterday was a regular school day. At 7th period we had a pep rally where there were a few games and an obstacle course that we got to watch some student play in. The big pep rally was for us to get ready for the big basketball game that night against Northwood. It was such an exciting game and both the girls and boys won! It was so exciting and the Pinewood student area was so crazy and fun because we were very enthusiastic about spirit and cheering on the team.

Today Mrs. Mandell and Lily took me to downtown Charleston. It was amazing!!!! The town is so cute and I loved seeing all of the historical building and houses. We mostly went shopping, but on our way from store to store the Mandell's told me all about what Charleston has and I learned a lot about the history and architecture. Here are some pictures from my day in Charleston!

Oink! This is in a restaurant called Nicks Bar-B-Q

This is a large market that used to be a place where slaves were sold.

This is a view of the Charleston water

The United States Custom House

A mansion located right on the water of charleston

Nick's amazing Bar-B-Q

Some pretty palmetto trees downtown

Battery Park 

Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Day

     Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I have had a pretty normal week. I've just been going to class and then hanging out with Lily and her friends after school. We usually just go out to eat and then shop around. Last night and the night before Mrs. Mandell, Lily and I went to the YMCA to go to a zumba class.

     Today I went to school wearing a normal outfit because no one really dressed up wacky that day. I had a normal school day with normal classes. I got back my geometry and spanish tests and I got a 94% on both of my tests. The rest of my classes were casual and then in human geography we watched a movie called "King Corn". Since my dad grew up on a farm and I've gotten to work in a corn field before, I knew exactly what they were talking about in the movie. We got to eat popcorn while we were watching because the movie was about two men starting a small plot of corn in Iowa. The movie was quite interesting and then I went to my regular classes.

    Mrs. Mandell and I are about to leave to go the YMCA again to work out and run. Tomorrow is Pinewood Preparatory spirit day so that means everyone will be wearing Pinewood shirts and hats and other articles of clothing. Tomorrow there will also be a pep rally for a big basketball game happening tomorrow. And they are also going to crown Ms. Panther tomorrow night which will be pretty exciting.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pajama Day!

Today I finally got my own schedule! I knew a lot more people at school today because of the wresting match and my first day on Friday. This morning I got to pick all the classes I wanted to take and then I started my day with Spanish class. All the classes were pretty normal except for Human Geography. Today Mr. Stjern wasn't there so we watched a movie about food processing. Everyone in my class was very grossed out and sad because we had to watch little chicks being thrown around and animals being tortured by factory workers. We learned about how meat has been causing lots of deaths because some of the packaged meat that people buy has E. coli in it. I then had art where I got to start a project where I got to pick a scene that I wanted to draw and then I colored it with pastels and pressed it on to a black piece of paper. I picked a scene on a beach where the sun was just rising and there were palm trees everywhere. I loved having my own schedule today and I am actually feeling a lot more comfortable walking around by myself and trying to find my classes. Oh and the reason why this post is called pajama day is because this week is spirit week and today everyone got to wear pajamas to school today! Tomorrow is neon day. I keep meeting new people everyday and I love it! Here is my schedule below if y'all are interested! I've also decided I want to start saying y'all because that's what everyone says down south!

Homeroom with Ms. Girgan
1st period- Spanish II
2nd period- Geometry
3rd period- Study Hall
4th period- Honors Physics
5th period- English
6th period- AP Human Geography
7th period- General Art